"In 2002, Unity of Walnut Creek embarked on the task of selecting a new Senior Minister.  We received resumes by the stack, scanned and distributed them, dutifully read them, collected our results, and then tried to evaluate them.  We did not have a system in place to coordinate all of the many facets of the process.  Then one day, God showed up in the form of Veronica Wolfe, a member of Unity of Walnut Creek.  She said that she had some experience in the interview and selection process used by employers, and that she could modify it for our use, and asked if we would like some help.

Over the next several months, we received a complete package of procedures, some specifically designed and others thoughtfully modified to fit the unique needs of selecting a spiritual leader.  With Veronica's facilitation and assistance, we used scripted questions that were aligned to a system designed to capture ratings on values and criteria that mattered to us in our new spiritual leader.  Veronica provided Excel spreadsheets that accurately compiled the data in a meaningful and easy to use format.  When I looked back at the documents this past week, I was astounded at how much work had been done.  Each form and every spreadsheet was delivered with a loving teaching on how to best use it - and each time we moved forward with comfort and greater ease.

The task of selecting someone to lead us spiritually, as well as fiscally, was daunting; Veronica's technical expertise and caring support made the process far easier.  Not only did Veronica mentor us through a formal selection process, she helped focus our thinking to bring greater clarity to what we were really looking for.  For us, the end result has been working with a spiritual leader who has taken us to new levels of understanding and prosperity for the past 8 years."

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"Together, Veronica and I hosted international speaker and founder of the Institute for Productive Tension, T. Falcon Napier.  We collaborated and produced a fantastic week of events around the Bay Area.  She is great to have on a team, bringing up considerations not yet on the radar screen, and helping to bring a whirlwind string of events to fruition."

"Not only did Veronica mentor us through a formal selection process, she helped focus our thinking to bring greater clarity to what we were really looking for."
- Unity of Walnut Creek
"I led the annual conference planning team and utilized Veronica's services for our team's pre-conference retreat.  Veronica skillfully worked with me to determine the best design for our needs.  Leading up to the event,  Veronica was very focused on the achievement of our end results. During the retreat, Veronica proved herself to be not only an exceptionally effective facilitator, but flexible and adaptive in dealing with change.  

Additionally, Veronica was especially gifted at creating an open, honest, and safe setting where deeper issues could be explored.  Under her insightful facilitation, my team and I left with a solid action plan and renewed focus! Following the retreat, Veronica was prompt in following up with a compilation of our recorded session notes and ideas.  I was 100%+ satisfied with my experience and would eagerly recommend Veronica's services without hesitation.  I very much look forward to working with Veronica again."
"Veronica lives The Four Agreements!"

John Rexroat, Secretary, Board of Trustees
Unity of Walnut Creek
June 2010
Lauren, Technology Project Manager
Steven S. Shagrin (Shags), JD, CFP, CRPC, CRC, CMC www.PlanningForLife.info