Ministerial Search facilitates individuals and committees in faith-based organizations through the tasks required to successfully recruit a new spiritual executive. Simply stated, the core program: 

  • Is faith-based,  
  • Provides a roadmap, landmarks and how-to methodology for the Ministerial Search Committee, the Board of Trustees, the Congregants and the Candidates to participate at their best, 
  • Honors individual human systems, group dynamics and group process in a complex context within a faith-based setting,
  • Incorporates and aligns with human resources and management consulting best practices, 
  • Exceeds staffing industry quality standards, and
  • Fosters confidence and impeccable integrity in the result.

The roadmap for the program consists of 7 landmarks, with ‘how-to’ instructions, guidance, tips and document templates provided for each landmark. 

For example, Landmark 6: Select Candidates, includes the detailed process to guide individuals through the activities and decisions needed to: screen applicants, interview candidates, check references and select the new spiritual leader.  

This detailed 11-step selection process integrates the actions of the
  • Applicants / Candidates,
  • Members /  Congregants,
  • Minister Search Committee, 
  • Board of Trustees, and
  • Headquarters of the faith-based organization. 

The first step to Select Candidates is called Pre-Screen Applicants, and is shown graphically below.  How-to instructions and document templates provide support throughout the entire process.      

The Ministerial Search Program is the result of Divinely inspired guidance that artfully integrates 21 identifiable ingredients.  

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The 7 phases of the program (the landmarks on the roadmap), are supported by principles and practices found in: 
  • Human Resources, 
  • Project Management, 
  • Change Management and 
  • Facilitation. 

All elements of the program are supported by 
  • Communications.  

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