How do we get started?  We start with a conversation.

We start by opening our hearts and engaging in conversation to explore the current situation together.  In that conversation, we will address specific questions so that you receive guidance and recommendations towards your next steps. 

For example, we might learn that the search committee or team
  • isn't sure how to define what is needed in a new spiritual leader,
  • has inexperienced members who want a proven program to follow and guide them towards graceful selection of a new spiritual executive,
  • has experienced members, and wants to jump start the process with guides and materials that enable them to plug in and get started quickly,
  • has a respected leader who is experienced in ministerial search, and only needs a trusted advisor or coach as a sounding board,    
  • has an experienced leader, but is on a limited timeline, or has lost team members, and wants to add an experienced resource or coach.

Or, we might learn that
  • the departure announcement from the current spiritual executive is imminent, the committee or team hasn't yet formed and there is great uncertainty how to move forward from this place,
  • the community is mourning its current loss, and needs a facilitator and trusted advisor to guide them into a process to secure a new spiritual leader, or
  • in the midst of a ministerial search process, the search committee or the Board of Trustees would like assurance that they are on track and attending to the most important tasks.

Looking ahead, you may explore our Products and Services , and come to the conversation wtih an idea of how we can help.
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