"The task of selecting someone to lead us spiritually as well as fiscally was daunting; Veronica's technical expertise and caring support made the process far easier."  
- Unity of Walnut Creek

This Ministerial Search program was developed by a: 

  • Former staffing industry executive with in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of applicant tracking, candidate processing and executive search  

  • Management consultant with more than 20 years of experience successfully facilitating cross-functional groups through complex decision-making processes

  • Active member and leadership volunteer in a new thought community for over 15 years

What concerns you most about conducting your ministerial search?Choosing committee members
Defining the search process
Making decisions by committee
Finding the best candidate
Having enough time
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recruitment of 
your next
spiritual leader

Is it time to recruit a new spiritual leader?

Do you need information, guidance or assistance?

Help is here. 

Whether planned, anticipated or unexpected, the screening, selection and hiring of your next spiritual leader is an incredibly important and significantly complex process.  It is natural for doubt and questions to arise.  Do you wonder...

  • What roles are needed on the search committee? 
  • How do we define the selection process? 
  • How do we design an affirmative experience for our community, and for our candidates?
  • How do we choose the best candidate?
  • How do we best prepare our community for the transition?

Most of us have been hired for employment at some time in our life.  If we were fortunate, the process was one that we remember favorably.  We were treated with care and compassion as we learned about our potential employer and they learned about us.  We were guided along a path that was thoughtfully designed to bring us from being an interested applicant to that of being a newly hired employee.  As a fortunate job-seeker, we were blissfully unaware of all the possible options that our employer had open to them as they worked their way through the selection process with multiple candidates.  

This proven Ministerial Search programs provides a positive experience for applicants and candidates, AND also gives members of Search Committees and Boards of Trustees a proven path to follow, so teams: 
  • spend less time figuring out what to do,  
  • spend more time on the tasks that are of importance in selecting the best spiritual leader, and  
  • confidently conduct a thorough search and reach a decision with full integrity.